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blip and branch

new moon handmade soap

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This batch is made with activated charcoal - made from sustainably sourced coconuts and this also makes the soap a dark black color. Activated charcoal is known for having oil absorbent properties - and for drawing impurities and toxins; it can leave skin feeling especially clean and refreshed. The charcoal does produce a slightly gray lather that can potentially stain fabric, but rinses away from most surfaces. We use a food-grade, non-GMO activated charcoal made from sustainably harvested coconuts. 

The other ingredients in this soap are organic olive oil, organic and fair trade cocoa butter, which adds a creaminess to the lather and sustainably farmed, organic coconut oil for its cleansing properties.

This soap was scented with an herbaceous blend of organic tea tree, rosemary, lavender and peppermint essential oils.

ingredients: olive oil* - water - sustainably sourced coconut oil* - roasted and fair trade cocoa butter* - lye - tea tree*, rosemary* , lavender and peppermint* essential oils - activated charcoal (from sustainably harvested coconuts) - rosemary antioxidant*


Each bar in this batch is at or above 3 oz.

Our soaps are made in small batches, palm oil free and do not include synthetic fragrances or colorants.



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